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Do Jemms carry over month-to-month?

Jemms do not carry over month-to-month, so use ‘em or lose ‘em!

What happens to the jemms I don’t use?

At the end of each month, the cash value of any unused jemms is donated to charity. In the settings of your Jemmworks account, you can select from various different charities to which that money can be donated.

You said that unused jemms are donated to charity. Can employees deduct that donation from their taxes?

We’re afraid not. The charitable donation is actually being made by your employer, so they’re the ones who can deduct the donation if they choose.

Do employees need to pay taxes on JemmVouchers?

The short answer is yes. Since JemmVouchers are being provided to you by your employer, the IRS considers them a fringe benefit. In most cases, fringe benefits are taxable as income.

The good news is that many JemmVouchers are not taxable as income. For example, if a JemmVoucher is used for work-related skill development (things like an industry talk, or a seminar on effective sales techniques), then the IRS may consider it non-taxable. Your employer is responsible for determining if a particular JemmVoucher is taxable or non-taxable as income.

I ran out of Jemms! Can I buy more?

Not yet, but we’re currently working on that functionality. Very soon employees will be able to buy additional jemms with a credit card ($5 per jemm). That way employees will never find themselves in a position where they can’t take part in an activity because they’re short just a few jemms.

What happens to my jemms if I resign or am terminated by my company?

Unfortunately, if you resign or are terminated, your Jemmworks account will be disabled and you will no longer be able to log in. It’s up to your employer to decide how and when to reimburse you for the value of any unused jemms. You can still use any JemmVouchers that you acquired before leaving the company.